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15 February 2007 @ 11:58 am
08 July 2006 @ 01:59 pm
Ahh, finally I found time to post in Livejournal again. It has been 1 long week and I guess you know what has been occupying my free time. ^_^ Also the reason of this post is to reserve space when I have time to do so again.


Today is the 29th of July 2006. Haven't been able to update my Livejournal lately because I'm busy playing aRO. My brother is currently staying over at my house in Sunway. Plus, my final project's animation has started. I will find time to continue to update next month. Btw, my birthday is on the 3rd next month!
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30 June 2006 @ 02:12 am
It has been thirteen days since I last posted on my LJ. Mainly because I'm balancing my time for work and play. So far, my final project is under control, rigging is near completion and animation of the 3D models will commence soon.

Turned into a poring again! ^_^ Coin Flip skill now allows you to have glowing orbs instead of Golden Coins in your inventory.
Cold hearted Teakwondo Boy, Baldric, pulverizes a marin!

As for aRO, I now have 3 characters. A gunslinger (Nautilus), a dexterity based wizard (Aurelius), and a Teakwondo Boy (Baldric). I am thinking of making one more special character just to party with my friend, moririn. I was happy when she told me that she might give aRO a try, although she couldn't play much.

We'll be waiting for you~
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16 June 2006 @ 05:26 pm
aRO? It stands for 'Angelic Ragnarok Online' private server. I have been playing this for 6 days now and guess what? I'm now a level 57 Gunslinger (Grenadier). It was haro_kun that recommended this server to me in the first place. Also what draws me towards aRO is their friendly and well mannered community. Although the 2x experience and drop rates are low compared to other private servers, aRO guarentees a genuine MMORPG playing experience like a P2P (pay to play) Ragnarok Online because your rare items are worth your effort.

Inside Al De Baran's Clock tower with a party. A shotgun skill called 'Full Buster' in action. 2000+ damage!
Nautilus: Sara-chan, are you a guy or a girl? Oh-no, wait!

I was lucky to meet Sara-chan, the administrator of aRO to discuss about the in-game implementations of skill balancing and new profession issues, mainly the Gunslinger and the Ninja classes. Who would have thought that eventually she turned me into a 'poring'. -_- 
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13 June 2006 @ 12:17 am

I saw "Ouran High School Host Club" last Saturday and I burst out laughing non-stop when Haruhi's dad finally revealed himself to be an Okama, a transvestite. Well, luckily he's pretty albeit the thick lipsticks. Also, I'm relieved that Haruhi led a normal life and not overly poor like in Tamaki's dream nightmare. Its a pretty good episode too counting on how they manage to cramp so much into a single episode.

Omg, so poor! T_T O_O Haruhi's dad, an okama! Young Haruhi certainly looks like Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) from the anime with the same name. Don't you think?

Well, thats all for updates today. I really hope I can post more soon. Until then, I hope both good and bad things keep happening! You can't really have only one scenario over the other right?

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08 June 2006 @ 12:28 am

I've manage to grab a copy of PSM's (Independant Playstation Magazine) July 2006 issue 112. What's so special about this magazine is that they cover (well, Big Boss is featured on their cover) an extensive field of games for Sony's Playstation console and handheld series. Here are some of the summarized highlights from PSM's latest.

Apparently, Hideo Kojima of Konami is going to release another Metal Gear Solid game entitled Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops for the PSP. This game picks up where MGS3 left off, in other words, a full sequel for Sony's handheld. This time, players get to control Snake (Big Boss) and Raiden in full Metal Gear Solid playing style. No more cards!

Everything is so detailed, up to the background shot in front of the mountains of South America!
The "Happy Three Friends" are back! Ocelot, Raikov and Eva.

As for Metal Gear Solid 4, Hideo Kojima promised Raiden would be cool. He's downright awesome and so it appears that they have a new nickname for Raiden. PSM said that they are now inclined to call him "Awesome Raiden" because he's just plain awesome. Sadly, in an interview with Kojima, he stated that we cannot play "Awesome Raiden" in the game like how we play Snake, Kojima designed the character in a way we couldn't play him. At least he's not a "girl" now. 

Awesome Raiden!

Some news on the upcoming PS3. In my previous post, we know that the new controller supports Blue Tooth technology and features motion sensors to enhance gameplay. Now the full specs of the PS3 controller are revealed. The new controller now features broader analog sticks, new L2 and R2 buttons, USB charge cable plug, player indicator lights, motion sensors, preasure sensitive buttons and no more vibration ala Dual Shock. Yes, no more Dual Shock vibrations as this will interupt the 6 degrees motion sensor feature. And as for those who didn't know, the Playstation and PS2 Dual Shock controllers are the best in gaming history. So for those who still want design and diversity, mainly prefer the wacky boomerang controller, try the XBox 360 instead.

The new and final PS3 controller!

We should also be aware that Sony will launch its PS3 in two versions. One with 20GB hard disk and the other, 60GB. The price for the 20GB and 60GB HDD PS3 will be priced aproximately $500 USD and $600 USD (that's about RM2300+) respectively with lots of changes in its hardware and looks. The cheaper version will only get you a bare-bones version of the console while the real deal will get you a 60GB HDD instead of the 20GB one, Wi-Fi, an HDMI port, a slick chrome PS3 logo and faceplate and slots for Memory Stick, SD, and compactFlash cards. That's a lot to give up if you can't afford the extra hundred. (I'll get the later version if I were you!).

 Last but not least, we all know that Sony will be more likely to win the console war with Microsoft and Nintendo but as this war comes to an end, a new war has risen from the ashes. Now it will be Blue Ray versus HD-DVD (High-Definition DVD). I personally hope that the Blue Ray will triumph, as with that win over HD-DVD, Sony will secure a winning streak of the next-gen gaming warfare. ^_^

For full coverage of stories and latest news on PS gaming, pick up a copy of PSM (independant Playstation Magazine) from your nearest local book store or newspaper outlets.

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06 June 2006 @ 11:55 pm
Lo and behold! The dreadful day 06-06-06 is coming to an end in about 5 minutes time! Today was very dreadful indeed. What happened? Well, I was supposed to watch 'The Omen' today with haro_kun not including my roommate. By the time we reached Sunway Pyramid's TGV cineplex, tickets for 4.20pm has sold out. I have the option to catch the movie later but I refused because I really don't want my roommate to follow. Ok, how in the first place he came to tag along? Because we don't know how to turn him down. So we went for A&W instead yadayadayada.

Hostess onesama Tamaki, Hitachin Sisters, onesama Honey-chan, Mori-senpai and mother!

Just this morning, before the movie (well, we failed to catch the movie) but I managed to download and watch 'Ouran High School Host Club' episode 9. It was interesting and hillarious because you get to see the hosts as 'onesama(s)'. I had a really good laugh! ^_^

Nikorasu's note to anti-christ: If you dare to destroy all creation upon my beloved planet, you'll have to face me first! (uh-well... in the online world that is!)
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05 June 2006 @ 02:01 am
I'm currently listening and watching Tommy February6's PV, ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥ for the anime Paradise Kiss. I got to admit, it looks weird with her dancing drunk with cheerleaders behind. Nonetheless, the music and the 80s tone is raunchy!

*I'll see if I can get screenies of the PV*

By the way, Paris Hilton released her first fragrance line, 'Just Me For Men' a few months back which, to my surprise was very successful. Now, a second line of fragrance 'Just Me For Women' was released. What makes me highlight this in my LJ was the tagline that most ads refer as "Smell like Paris Hilton". WTF, who would want to smell like her? Well, despite my claims, I bet many girls and gays guys would love to smell like her, that is why her fragrance line was a success! - adapted from June's issue of Galaxie.

I think I'm struck with minor insomnia for not going to bed early because I'm typing this entry and worried of a few things but I guess its alright as long as the problems doesn't get out of hand. Like my star sign Leo the 3rd reveals, I have a tendency to move very fast in life and be extremely lucky (you have no idea about this) and able to rise from the ashes to come back stronger than ever. Lets just say I have a reliable source on these kind of things. ^_^
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04 June 2006 @ 04:01 am
Hey, look and behold! I've created several looks for my avatar in Audition Dance Battle Online. Below are some from my arsenal of favourite outfits. These are the Nikorasu look set 2! For Nikorasu look set 1, please refer to my previous post about entitled 'Audition'. I'll post set 3 tomorrow. ^_^ There are currently thousands of possibilities in making different looks for my avatar. Suggestions are most welcome.

Cool Nikorasu look! Nikorasu in Lord of the Rings? Try 'Legorasu' instead!Advance Black Tech-mage Nikorasu! *I made up the name myself!* ^_^

*These outfits can cost me a fortune of in-game currency, 'dens'. Luckily, I'm quite good at the game! :P*
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03 June 2006 @ 08:49 pm
Kiss, kiss, fall in love! That was the first sentence sung by Kawabe Chieko that made me fell in love with her single, Sakura Kiss. Luckily for her, Sakura Kiss was chosen as the opening song for Japan's latest hit anime, 'Ouran High School Host Club'. Recently, I found Kawabe Chieko's PV for Sakura Kiss in Google Videos. Here are a few screenshots of her cutsy PV.

Kiss, kiss, fall in love! What is that green outfit?
Lovey dovey bunny sidekicks! Oh, turns out it was a kero (frog) outfit! Kawaii~
Awww, innocent love! Wow, she can eat a lot! Bigaku!
*The mistake I found!* Notice the left eye is twsited towards the back. ^_^ Maybe you're my love!

This PV turns out not bad although it looks simple. I hope she will come out with more hit songs like this one in the future. ^_^ *At least she's cute and pretty too.*
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